implementation references

we got good results together:

Arconta SRL production - aluminium joinery
Alglass Plus SRL production - aluminium joinery
A.S.A. Servicii ecologice SRL waste management company
Artis Design Birotica SRL trade & service - IT office equipments
Auto SML SRL Peugeot / Hyundai auto service and showroom
B&B Consulting SRL accounting expertise
Bodimar SRL deposit - building materials
Business Jet Romania SRL travel agency
CCIA Arad Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture - Ar.
Chibax SRL meat processor
Crimatex SRL international transporter
Conevsal SRL accounting expertise
Edy Optic LTT SRL trade & services - medical optical & publishing
Electrica SRL construction and electrical installation and assembly
Electro-Construct SRL construction and electrical installation and assembly
Electronic Shop SRL IT components and IT systems retail
ELX Software SRL software development
Euroconsult SRL liquidator / administrator in bankruptcy
Expo Arad International exhibition center in western Romania
Fabber Prod wine bottler
Financiar Consulting Grup accounting expertise
Fitze SRL retail - cosmetics
Franckmar SRL Daewoo auto service and showroom
Green Solution SRL specialised trade - doors
Gica Import Export Italia SRL pneumatic industrial equipment distribution
Isotronic SRL electric equipments distribution
Kalman Oster SRL tools and equipments trade
Luca Silva SRL Kia auto service
Media Partner SRL advertising agency
Primconsult SRL accounting expertise
RDC Computers SRL IT components and IT systems retail
Romfilms SRL production - shrink film
Rossetti East SRL production - locks & handles
Selin' S SRL plumbing distribution and retail
Seligrup SRL First appliances - distribution and retail
SpeedMoto SRL moto service and distribution moto parts
Todorut International SRL Seat auto service and showroom
Vigneto Consult SRL
projects and carries out vine plantations ready to use
West Dental Teh-Med SRL technico-medical products distribution

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